About the Catenian Association

The Catenian Association is a global association of friends united by our shared Catholic faith and values who members support one another and their families, the Catholic Church and young people.  So often, the friendships that form around families are formed in Mothers’ groups, the playground or involvement in Primary School or children’s extra-curricular activities.  But men too – whether family men or single - need a sense of belonging, of community.

The Catenians provide this.  An opportunity to develop friendships, share experiences and even have some fun.  Our main focus is on being a caring fraternity where members form wide friendships and help each other in times of spiritual, emotional or material need.  We do this by meeting each month in groups called Circles to pray and conduct business, then we share dinner together and often listen to a guest speaker.  We also hold regular social events to strengthen the friendships that have formed and family life.

Our other activities include assisting the work of the Church by contributing to Archdiocesan events, advancing the interests of young Catholics through a bursary fund and by supporting activities such as public speaking competitions for Catholic Schools and, also,  supporting charitable causes.

We exist to strengthen modern family life though friendship and faith.  We offer:

v A strong and robust national and international organisational structure

v an existing, unique framework to complement other activities – charitable; religious; family

v An active organisation working with our bishops and clergy

v A quiet place to meet and relax over dinner and to pray

v The company of likeminded men – free of career and work pressures; a social life separate from work;

v Opportunity to develop lifelong friendships; If retired, an opportunity to fill that gap previously filled by work colleagues and maintain your business skills

Support and visitation if you are ill; If you fall on hard times, there is a Benevolent Fund to provide assistance

The association was founded in 1908 in Manchester and there are now over 10,000 members in the UK, Australia, Africa, Malta, Ireland and Hong Kong.

For further information on the world-wide Catenian Association see: http://www.thecatenians.co.uk/ 

Aims of the Association

1.         To help each other to strengthen our faith and improve our practice of it.

2.         To foster brotherly love among our members and to develop social bonds among our members and their families

3.         To support and encourage Brothers, their families and widows

4.         To support brothers in difficulty or need by maintaining and administering benevolent funds through the Catenian Association Benevolent and Children’s Fund

5.         To advance the interests and development of young Catholics and to assist them in the choice or pursuit of a career, including the promotion and support of the Catenian Association Bursary Fund

6.         To support the clergy and to encourage and support vocations to the religious life in appropriate ways.

7.         To support charities which the Circle, Province or Association feels is appropriate.

Our values are:

1.         We encourage each other to take part in public life but we do not bring our politics into our meetings or social gatherings.

2.         We will always be encouraging, supportive and helpful to fellow members and their families and be non judgemental in our dealings.

3.         We will behave in a courteous manner at meetings and functions, observing dress codes and maintaining high standards of behaviour.

4.         We will always strive to live our personal and business lives in accordance with our Catholic faith, where every person matters.

5.         We will always recognise that the Circle with its Brothers and their families is the most important part of the Association and will ensure that its governing bodies enable the Circle to flourish. 

For more information please contact us.